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Get Your First Feature Financed and Made with This One-of-a-Kind New Festival

Have you made a short or written a screenplay and are ready for your first feature? Here's a chance to get it made. Filmmakers Charles Beale and Jess Jacklin had a sense that many of their peers were dealing with similar hurdles to getting feature films made, even if they had already produced shorts that did well on the festival circuit.

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StudioFest in Phoenicia

click to enlarge Any filmmaker, no what level they're working at, will tell you the same thing: The biggest, most important-and, usually, the hardest-part of making a feature-length film is finding the funding for it. Even for a modest indie feature, production costs can be astronomical, easily running into tens of thousands of dollars or more.

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studiofest | WAMC

StudioFest, taking place this weekend in Phoenicia, New York, is a first-of-its-kind film festival, offering the festival's winning short film creator a chance to shoot their debut feature film, backed and supported by experienced industry professionals.