To Submit to StudioFest:


You must be be a short form filmmaker/Director who has not yet made a feature film. 

Or a screenwriter who has written (but not yet had produced) a feature length script.

You must be someone savvy in micro-budget projects, confident in working within the 30-50K feature film funding range. 

Get your application in before Aug. 3 late submission deadline.

Be willing to travel to ojai,ca for the festival. We expect all 10 finalists to attend and participate. If you are a finalist, hotel, board, and flight accommodations are provided to you. Finalists include 5 short form filmmakers and 5 screenwriters. 





  • By submitting, am I giving up the rights to my piece? No. You retain all rights. You are simply presenting your sensibilities.

  • Will we be making a feature based upon the work I submitted if I win? Potentially. We may inquire into a script sale as opposed to a commission if your script seems like a viable option to produce (or your short seems viable to adapt). Regardless, your submission is meant to show your understanding of micro-budget filmmaking. A script with extensive CGI and set pieces might be best left for another venue.

  • If I win, do I have to make my debut feature with StudioFest? We will require the winner sign an exclusive contract for StudioFest to produce their debut feature film.

  • If my film is a documentary, can I still submit? Yes, but keep in mind, we are looking for filmmakers that can create in a timely manner and on a budget. A piece that took years to produce may not be the best show of the sensibilities we're looking for.

  • My film isn't in English. Is that a problem? Not if you have English subtitles. We are accepting films internationally and look forward to watching all of them, just as long as we can understand it. (Scripts, on the other hand, must be in English.)

  • I wrote a feature film that has been purchased but not yet produced. Am I still eligible to submit? Yes, you may still submit but please make a note of the script's status (to the best of your knowledge) with your submission.

  • Can I submit a script or film that has been purchased but not yet made into a feature? No. You must own all rights to your submission piece.

  • What if I cannot attend the festival? We really prefer all finalists attend and we will work with them to ensure that to the best of our ability. Still submit so we can work with you on the matter. (Note room and board is to be included for finalists)

  • For any answers to questions not listed here, please contact us at